We’re Eric and Liz: a husband-and-wife team that loves to take obscene amounts of pictures of nearly everything we do and everywhere we go. We’ve been developing our eye and mostly self-taught camera skills over the past few years, oversharing the results at our food and lifestyle blog Carpé Season. In recent years, we’ve been thrilled to be invited into some unsolicited paid work - a few weddings, birth, family, and food photography sessions -  and have found that we have really enjoyed growing in the full creative process of capturing moments that our clients can remember and enjoy. 

While we're not quite ready to comfortably label ourselves as fully “professional,” we have confidence in our ability to deliver images that you will love. Our pricing reflects the newness of this venture as well as the fact that we have a strong desire to make good photography accessible and affordable. 

Our philosophy reflects the idea behind the title Carpé Season. A play on the adage carpé diem, or seize the day, we believe so strongly that there is power to recognizing and rejoicing in the current season of life you find yourself in - whether that’s getting married, or having a baby, or realizing you now have a brood of children that you are somehow in charge of. We especially enjoy capturing candid moments and expressions. We also love capturing the beauty in the everyday - whether that’s a spectacular display of autumn leaves or well-photographed fajita.

We would be thrilled to offer our services to you; we do our best to bring a calm, fun atmosphere to our sessions and are not above making repeated cow noises in an attempt to get your toddler to look happy.




About Eric

Favorite type of photography: Individual portrait. I really like images that are minimal or simple in composition. I enjoy the challenge of taking the distractions out of an image and playing with light to try to capture, or at least approach, the essence of someone or something.

Favorite Food: I love a good breakfast. A solid plate of French toast is true happiness.

Worst Photography Moment: When my first Canon EOS Rebel film camera got stolen from between my feet at a flamenco bar in Spain. I spent the rest of my semester abroad in beautiful Scotland taking pictures using disposable cameras. CrankCrankCrank. Sigh.

Random Thing I'm Good At: Giving foreign accents to all of our kids' stuffed animals and picture book stories. My Cockney is impeccable. 


About Liz


Favorite Type of Photography: Oh gosh, I love nature and family and food photography...but I think my favorite has to be birth. I relive the moment that I held my own babies for the first time when I’m trying to get to sleep at night. If I could, I would have one hundred babies and one hundred newborns, but having one hundred toddlers would probably kill me. Birth photography for me, is a way of entering into that space without actually going home with another baby and capturing those precious first moments for others. 

Favorite food: This is impossible. Indian coconut chicken curry maybe.

Worst photography moment: When a neighbor kid accidentally pulled our camera off its precarious perch on the top of our stroller, and the camera fell to the ground lens-first. I almost threw up.

Random thing I’m good at: I excel at stacking clean dishes in our dishrack so that I can fit a ton in there without them toppling. Pound it.