Process and Pricing


FAMILY - $175

For our family sessions, our aim is to help create a relaxed environment, paced to the needs of your child at a time of day that you determine. We will bring our own silliness to the session for younger kids to help avoid those "this forced smile was brought to you by promises of candy later" images. While we definitely will do the documentary work of group and posed shots, we also seek to capture the candid faces and interactions that speak the to the reality of your family relationships. Outdoor locations are preferred, and we are happy to recommend options or come to your home.  A family package includes: 

* Sessions for families, engagement, children or high school seniors
* 1 - 2 hours per session
* 35 - 50 high-resolution processed digital images with release to print


BIRTH - $600

During your birth photography session, my goal is to capture the beauty of birth by photographing both the little and big moments and details of the experience. I will work with you beforehand to determine the level of involvement you want from me and what kind of photography you feel comfortable with in an intimate environment. At your birth, while I will work hard to capture all of the meaningful moments, you and your baby come first, the medical team second, and I will do my best to stay out of the way and allow you to fully enter into the depth of the experience. I love birth, and I would be honored to be invited into this vulnerable space to create visual images of moments you will want to remember forever. Our birth package includes:

* Third trimester in-person or online consult to determine the level of involvement that you desire during your birth experience
* 24-hour on-call availability from 2 weeks before your due date until your baby is born
* Photo documentation (by Liz only!) of your labor and birth experience, spanning active labor to two hours post-partum
* 3-5 processed images sent within 24 hours of the birth so that you can share your exciting news with the world
* 50-100 high-resolution processed digital imageswith release to print


NEWBORN - $275

During a newborn session, I (Liz) will come to your home around 7-10 days after your baby is born and seek to capture all of those yummy newborn details, paced to your baby's need to eat or be comforted. I seek to capture the essence of this special and fleeting moment in your family's life, in both posed and candid images that highlight your (and any older siblings') love for your newest addition. While I do offer some blankets and baskets, my photography style in these sessions leans towards minimal props and Pinterest poses; instead I work to capture you and your baby in natural, everyday positions as you love on your little one. I absolutely love newborns and would be so excited to document this sweet time for you! 

* 2 - 4 hours per session
* 40 - 50 high-resolution processed digital images with release to print



Day in the life - $175

Differing slightly from a family session, a day in the life session is a storytelling experience that allows you to capture the beauty and ordinariness of your everyday life. Taken in your home or at an outdoor space regularly enjoyed by your family, most of the images will be candid in an effort to capture the post nap-time bedheads, the broad smiles of a family tickle pile, the way your child sits on the couch while engrossed in a book. We encourage your toddler to wear his favorite stained Superman pajama shirt if that's what he lives in most days. These everyday moments are fleeting, and our aim is to capture this season of your life as it is in its wonderful messiness. A day in the life session includes: 

* 1 - 2 hours at a location of your choosing
* 35 - 50 high-resolution processed digital images with release to print


WEDDING - Packages starting at $1000 

Our most popular packages are within the $1500-$1900 range. We'd love to take you out for coffee and talk details/options! 



*$50 per existing digital image with release to print

In addition to offering our existing images, we also are available for food photography "sessions" for any current or future needs that you may have. Please contact us to discuss details. 

A Few Notes: 

*Fees are non-refundable but are transferrable in case of a weather-based or emergency need to reschedule. 

*All of the images from your session will be released to you digitally to print as you prefer. We do have preferred print vendors that we are happy to recommend or assist you in working with, but there is absolutely no obligation to use us or these vendors for printing your images.